Submissions must:

book stack with mouse
book stack with mouse

  • Be submitted to The Kennesaw Tower on or before September 1st in order that it
    may be published in the Spring (each issue will be published in February of the following year). Simultaneous submissions will not be permitted.
  • Be written by a second language or heritage learner in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish in any dialect that is standardized, in Microsoft Word format. Please make sure that all accents, tildes, etc., are properly placed.
  • Be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 250 words, written in English, summarizing the topic of the paper submitted.
  • Be no more than 3000 words in length, excluding the abstract.
  • Utilize the proper MLA format citations. For questions concerning MLA citation, please consult the MLA Handbook.
  • Be submitted as an e-mail attachment to Please make sure the subject of your e-mail read "Submission to The Kennesaw Tower."

Any undergraduate university student who has taken at least one (1) senior-level course in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or FLED may submit his/her work to The Kennesaw Tower. If you have already graduated, you may submit up to one academic semester (not including summer) after completing your undergraduate degree.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of readers. Submissions will either be:

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book stack with flying

  • ACCEPTED WITH REVISIONS (in which case the author will have 30 days to make the revisions suggested by the readers and return the manuscript), or
  • NOT ACCEPTED (in which case reader comments may be made available to the author).

Please note that many submitted manuscripts require revisions, so if you are not willing to engage in this process, please do not submit your work. 

If you do not receive word concerning your submission by February 15th, please e-mail the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Jaime Cruz-Ortiz, inquiring about your submission. Please make sure that the subject of your e-mail reads "Submissions Inquiry."

REMEMBER the SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE of SEPTEMBER 1st for publication that Spring.

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