Preface to Volume VI

Dear Reader,

it is my sincere pleasure to present you with the sixth volume of the undergraduate foreign language research journal The Kennesaw Tower. The members of the Editorial Board and I are very proud to have fostered and grown this venue for the academic work by undergraduate students devoted to the study of French and Francophone, German, Italian, and Spanish Studies.

The number of submissions and the diversity of institutions they originate from have increased yearly. We are thrilled to welcome authors and readers from all over the country, studying and working at varying types of institutions of higher learning.  

I would like to thank our authors for entrusting The Kennesaw Tower with your work. Our appreciation goes out to the faculty mentors who have guided their research and writing process. Authors who have not made it into publication this time around, please don’t be discouraged and continue to pursue your academic curiosity and strive.

I wish you enjoyment and new insights when reading the work of the undergraduate scholars published in this volume. Please do not hesitate to contact me about their work, about the journal, or about our effort to promote and make available to a worldwide readership undergraduate research accomplishments. 

Best academic and personal wishes,

Susanne Kelley, Editor-in-Chief