Preface to Volume III

It is a pleasure to bring to you, the interested and curious reader, the third volume of The Kennesaw Tower. Here you will find studies on characterizations, plots, and cultural themes, from the Picaresque novel to the poetry of 20th Century Spain; a study involving love and Gilgamesh; and a personal essay taking on the topic of immigration in Contemporary Italy.

Beyond the particulars of the articles published here is the fact of the journal's on-going success. As the academic eye begins to focus ever-more readily and critically upon the Undergraduate student as a creator of unique and meaningful research, The Kennesaw Tower provides a venue for the best of the country's talent in that regard. As the only multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-perspective on-line, undergraduate research journal, students whose work had at one time gone unnoticed except by the eyes of their professor may now reveal the fruits of their academic labors to a world-wide readership. As both a scholar / literary critic and as a writer, I am always impressed when reading the finalized manuscripts of our contributors. I am also thankful for the work of our Editorial Board and our affiliated faculty readers, without whom this journal could not have the critical eye that it does.

I truly hope you enjoy the work of these undergraduate scholars. Please do not hesitate to contact me about their work, about the journal, or about our efforts in promoting talented, Undergraduate research endeavors.


Dr. Robert Simon
The Kennesaw Tower