We warmly welcome you to the ninth volume of our undergraduate foreign language research journal, The Kennesaw Tower!

This volume concludes my sixth and last year as Editor-in-Chief of The Kennesaw Tower. Working with the undergraduate authors who have taken the daunting step to submit their work to the kind of academic review process most of them had not experienced before, has been an energizing and rewarding part of my professional life. My appreciation goes out not only to these authors, but also to the encouragement and time investment of their mentors. Finally, without the dedication of our Editorial Board and devoted group of reviewers, this journal would not be entering its tenth year.

I wish you enjoyment and inspiration when reading the work of the undergraduate scholars published in this volume. Please do not hesitate to contact me about their work, about the journal, or about our effort to promote and make available to a worldwide readership undergraduate research accomplishments.

With warm academic and personal wishes,

Susanne Kelley, Editor-in-Chief